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An unlikely source with a powerful message!!

Either pray or worry, don’t do both!
Heard this saying on an Oprah show with 50 cent.I must admit I was surprised by the source but the quote has stayed with me.
Now lately there has been a lot of things that I’ve let get to me. But this quote just reminded me to stop insulting God with my worries. He’s got it all in his hands and my worrying is not changing things one way or the other. I need to learn to pray and leave it there. What’s the sense in leaving it all at the alter if your willing to pick it all back up on your way back to the pew.
This quote made me stop thinking about my plans and start trusting in God’s plan. And the second I decided to stop worry my mind has been at rest.
Today I have a new trust in my faith and the power of prayer. And for that I am thankful :)


Today I found myself thinking where does confusion come from when referring to matters of the heart. The answer that made the most sense to me is miscommunication. People have a tendency to hide what they want and how they feel, behind what they think they want, what they think everyone else wants, and what the other person wants them to feel. I figure if more people started being honest about there feelings and their true desires there would be a lot less confusion, a lot more honesty, and no room for miscommunication. If relationships are built on the idea that you communicate with one another then why lie that taints the process. Be honest with yourself and others it makes life that much easier and it clears up all confusion.

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